I shouldn’t drink the rest of this. #somebodyelsesvaccation

Obviously gonna be the best birthday gift. #greatgifters #clearlabeling

This is like the fifth name you’d come up with for a ridiculous fake diet soda name. #respect #izzieless #pseudoizzie #izzievapor #iz

There’s a man soddering in my living room. In his reading glasses. #swoon #talkingtohimself


And it’s sort of not exciting yet because it’s too stressful. There’s so much to do and we live so far that we have to sort of pack in pieces. We got like 10 tiny boxes today. Everything seems to be shipping separately but is arriving alarmingly fast. So much more to come too. And projects to finish and lists to make and I normally love this stuff but eesh!

The fact that if you forget something, you’re basically just out of luck makes it even more…moresome. 

On the one millionth Zach Braff AMA, someone used the term “mom’s spaghetti” as a euphemism for throwing up.

The way inside jokes become language on the internet just made me all warm and fuzzy.

It’s watering, like, very much.

 I’m really proud of how Liz Lemon that sounds.


Immediately after this we had a basil leaf spitting completion. After cry-laughing I tooootally won.